• Property Maintenance
    We provide a weekly lawn care maintenance program, along with seasonal cleanups.
  • Winter Services
    We are a 24-hour snow operation for commercial, retail or industrial locations.
  • Seasonal Clean Up
    Complete spring clean up including aerating the lawn, fixing winter damaged grass and more...
  • Commercial Property Management
    Grand Landscape Design’s commercial division is a year-round operation.

Grand Landscape Design offers complete year-round property maintenance services.

Our full-service landscape maintenance program serves both residential and commercial customers.
Services include mowing, edging, pruning and trimming, leaf and debris removal.  Our well-trained staff is fully capable of meeting with our customers to discuss any need that may arise.

Show Removal

We are also a 24-hour snow operation with a large late model fleet of equipment to service any size of commercial, retail or industrial location. We have sidewalk crews that clear walks, salt the surface to provide safe conditions to and from your location. This can also be done a few times per day should the conditions require it. The same is true for the parking areas. The lots are checked, and service provided as needed. Our shop is located within the city limits so that we can provide quick and uninterrupted service.

Fully insured and WSIB compliant.